Goose Game

by House House

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get Untitled Goose Game?
Will it be coming to other things?

Yes. Expect to see it on Steam, Itch, and the Mac App Store in late 2020.

There are no plans for a physical release at this time.

What's new in the latest update?

View the version history to see what's changed.

What are the system requirements?
  • macOS 10.12+
  • Windows 7 SP1+ 64-Bit
  • DX10 graphics (shader model 4)
What controls are supported on the PC?

The game has full mouse and keyboard support, and supports most game controllers.

Do I need to manually save my game?

Nope! The game will auto-save as you play.

When you return, your progress will be preserved, but the village will be tidied up and items put back to their original positions.

Can I stream this game?
Can I make money off those streams?

Yes, you can, and thanks for asking.

(But please note, we reserve the unlikely right to revoke that permission at any time.)

Can I make or sell fan art?

We love fan art, please hand-make wonderful art and share it with us! But if you want to sell your art, please read our policy on fan art.

What accessibility features does it have?

The game features re-bindable controls, and "hold"/"toggle" settings for all actions. Cursive text can also be swapped to a more legible sans serif font.

I might be stuck and can’t progress
despite doing the correct thing.

Try using the “Reset” option from the in-game pause menu. Reset tidies the village while maintaining your progress. Items and people are restored to their default states, but any open gates remain open, and your completed tasks remain completed.

If you do get stuck and find it necessary to reset, let us know! Resetting is meant to be a convenience, not a necessity.

How can I contact you?

And, most importantly, thank you for playing the Goose. It means a lot to us.