Goose Game

by House House

Fan Art / Merch Policy

We love fan art. Seeing your artwork has been one of the true joys of making this game. Please hand-make wonderful things and share them with us.

But since we are making official Untitled Goose Game merchandise, when it comes to selling your art, we have a few requests. (Inspired, in part, by Undertale's policy).

  1. Please don't manufacture, distribute or sell any mass or factory-produced items. That's our job. If you're a business, contact us no matter what.
  2. Don't use our art or assets directly — only interpret the game and/or its features, artwork or characters in your own unique way.
  3. Don't put "Untitled Goose Game" or the game's logo, or anything confusingly similar to them, anywhere on your piece.
  4. Don't sell your work on large stores (online or otherwise) like Redbubble, Amazon, Zazzle, etc.
  5. Don't use our game or any of its features in conjunction with content that is graphically violent, illegal, sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive.
  6. We reserve the (unlikely) right to ask you to remove your unofficial artwork from sale or public display at any time.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and respect. We hope this all seems reasonable. If it doesn't, let us know.

For further questions, or official licensing/business requests, please contact support@goose.game