Goose Game

by House House

A Videogame By

House House
Nico Disseldorp
Stuart Gillespie-Cook
Michael McMaster
Jake Strasser
Sound design by
Em Halberstadt
of A Shell in the Pit
Additional art and animation by
Kalonica Quigley
Music by
Dan Golding
(adapted from Debussy's “Préludes”)
Additional programming by
Cherie Davidson
Voice acting by
Diego De La Rocha
Em Halberstadt
Gordon McGladdery
Joey Van Alten
Maria Cecilia Saba
Millie Wissar
Nicholas Zhang
Rachel Sim
Skye Ruttle
Appearing as
the Groundskeeper
the Shopkeeper
the Wimp
the TV Shop Owner
the Tidy Neighbor
the Messy Neighbor
the Publican
the Publican's Husband
the Deliveryperson
the Pub Patron in Yellow
the Pub Patron in Blue
the Old Man
and introducing
a Goose as the Goose
in cooperation with
Executive Producers
Cabel Sasser
Steven Frank
Aaron Bell
Michael Buckley
Ashur Cabrera
Logan Collins
Wade Cosgrove
Will Cosgrove
Tim Coulter
Jesus Diaz
Dave Hayden
Shaun Inman
Helen Keomany
Thomas Lister
Greg Maletic
Daniel Messing
James Moore
Christa Mrgan
Neven Mrgan
June Ressinger
Kyle Rimkus
Dakota Ward
Dan Wineman
Nobuhiro Hasegawa
Kenichi Yoshida
Felix Kramer
Nick Suttner
With assistance from
Film Victoria
Game console support
22nd Century Toys
Tony Bratton
Cullen Sturdivant
Matt Scates
Joe Barton
Zane Bratton

This game was made on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present. Sovereignty was never ceded.